Mary Shelley and Shakespeare both present Caliban and Frankenstein’s creation as victims of circumstance. They do this by using different language features and different themes through the novels. Frankenstein was written in 1818 when there was much unrest and debate between which was the truth, the church and religion or science. The Tempest was written […]

You feel like a god. You feel superior to everyone else; at this moment, no one can touch you. Although there are 90 thousand fans screaming your name, you are in your own trance. There is a peaceful silence and everything is in slow motion. Nothing can compare to this moment. The instant passed and […]

To Isabelle Kerr, After reading your article about slang and how young people speak, I decided to write a letter explaining why I disagree with you. Firstly, just because some people chose to speak in a certain way that comes naturally to them and has a different dialect to you does not mean they cannot […]

As I sit on the highest tree of my kingdom I close my eyes after a successful hunt, not having anything to worry about, nothing hunts me. I choose between others living and dying.  If I am not hunting then I am sleeping and even when I am sleeping I rehearse the perfect kill. My […]

Should we ban the Burqa in Britain? I and many other believe that the Burqa should be banned in England for multiple reasons. Even though London is a multicultural society, England is still a Christian country and the problems that the Burqa brings from these Islamic countries is too great for us to ignore. “The […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway